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LeBron James Jr. vs Zaire Wade (DWade’s son)

The next generation of NBA superstars are closer than you think. You might be familiar with these 2, meet LeBron James Jr. and Zaire Wade, the sons of future Hall of Famer’s Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Who would you pick first?


Mario Chalmers Best Tattoo Ever?

Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat shows off his brand new Super Mario tattoo and it’s awesome.

Shoutout to my homie @junkroxxx for the yat work last night. Gotta finish my sleeve before the end of the summer

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Udonis Haslem: Old Black Women Love Pat Riley

Well, sometimes you think you’ve heard it all…. until Udonis has a few words to say.


“Pat’s that cool, man,” Haslem said. “I had to beat a couple of my aunties and all that off Pat to try to keep them away and let them know Pat’s married. I don’t know what it is about Pat Riley and older black women but they love Pat Riley, they love them some Pat Riley, boy.”