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Marlins Man fires back against Royals organization…

If you’ve been watching the World Series, you’ve noticed one thing… A man dressed in full on Miami Marlins gear sitting right behind the home plate. Marlins Man is actually Laurence Levy, Miami-based attorney and board-certified practitioner of the The Good Life.

According to Deadspin, Royals vice-president of public affairs Toby Cook then said this of Mr. Leavy and his rooting interests …

“[Leavy] said, ‘No, no, this is my M.O. I wear this orange jersey and I get on TV all the time,'” Cook said. “We asked if he’s a big Marlins fan and he said, ‘God, no, I hate those guys — I just wear this to get on TV.'”

Here is an image from “Marlins Man” in San Francisco.


Leavy didn’t take too kindly to the Royals organization trying to discredit his Marlins loyalty….


“You can’t even print what I said when I heard that,” Leavy said of the Royals’, accusations regarding his Marlins fandom. “They were pissed off because they couldn’t buy me,” Leavy went on, “and now they’re trying to smear my name. But they can’t smear my name.”

Will Marlins Man be attending the rest of the World Series games? “Yes, and they don’t want me to go,” he said. “I have the same tickets. Watch what happens. I’m going to hold up signs, like, ‘The Royals are liars.'”

“Unless they’re nice to me,” Leavy allowed.


Source: CBS Sports

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