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Mike Miller throws some shade at Miami

Mike Miller wasted no time to begin hating and throwing some jabs at the Heat today after taking less money to join LeBron in Cleveland.

He had a few notable quotes today too….

and then he admitted that he was trolling Heat fans when he posted the picture below, 2 days before LeBron ‘decided’ what he was going to do.

While we will always love the shoeless 3 and your performances in Miami, it wasn’t the fans who amnestied you, so, way to blow your goodwill around town Mike.

Here’s some fan reaction:

Dan Gilbert’s angry letter to Lebron – Gone but not Forgotten


Earlier today the Cavs official website took down the infamous Dan Gilbert letter he wrote on the night of LeBron James decision. While it may be gone from their site, we proudly display this Hateful and comic sans written letter on our site. Enjoy!

dan-gilbert-letter (1)

Bill Simmons Cries and Rolls Eyes After Heat Trade

This guy Bill Simmons just can’t handle the Heat ever doing something good… always talking shit.