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Cristiano Ronaldo: Coming To America

Miami has landed stars throughout the years for different sports. Just this year itself the Heat landed Goran Dragic after he demanded to be traded to Miami, Ndamukong Suh left depressive Detroit for the Dolphins, and the Marlins made Giancarlo Stanton MLB’s richest man AND added pieces around him. We work where people vacation and that’s why many athletes want to work here too.

This brings me to David Beckham. While he isn’t playing anymore but he is currently working on a stadium to start an MLS team in Miami. What if I told you that Beckham’s draw could also bring one of the world’s greatest soccer stars here as well? Ok well listen.. *Drum roll please.*

According to CBS Sports, Cristiano Ronaldo might be coming to America to play for the MLS in 2018 and one city he is interested in playing for? Miami.

Miami is a soccer city waiting to be opened up. With Beckham at the helm, it would make perfect sense that Ronaldo comes to Miami to play and launch a franchise while also being the superstar of the franchise itself. We are all familiar with Ronaldo’s accolades on and off the field. On the field he is instantly one of the best and off the field…well have you seen the women in Miami?

Miami is one of the greatest cities in the world and what better to tap into the fan base with an owner who has been of the best of all time AND led by a player who can sell out a stadium every night?

I have no credible sources neither do I possess knowledge of any soccer deal or transaction about this MLS Miami team, but I’m willing to bet a hefty $5 that Ronaldo will be dawning a Miami jersey come 2018. GOOOOOAAALLLLLL!!!


What Side?: Miami’s New Development Project


Miami’s decision to call up Hassan Whiteside from the D-League has drawn intrigue from many, but who exactly is he?

To start off, Whiteside is relatively young at 25 years old, and measures 7’0″ and 235 lbs. He attended Marshall University for a relatively quiet year, before declaring for the 2010 NBA Draft, where the Kings selected him with the 3rd pick in the second round.

In his rookie season, Hassan only played in one game, failing to put up any meaningful stats. He was sent down to the D-League twice, playing for the Reno Longhorns. It’s safe to say that he wasn’t necessarily playing to high standards. After being called up again late that year, he was a part of the Kings for the rest of the season. The following season, he played 18 games, while posting 1.6 PPG on 44% FG (41% FT), 2.2 RPG, 0.2 SPG, 0.8 BPG. However, it wasn’t enough, as he was sent (yet again) to the Longhorns. After a few quiet months, he was called up again before he was waived. He proceeded to play for Lebanon and China , (where he was the Defensive Player Of The Year), for the rest of the season. In the following off season (2014-2015), he signed with the Memphis Grizzlies, and was shortly waived afterwards, and opted to play with the Iowa Energy.

Whiteside was, obviously, signed by Miami (two days ago) for two years, on a partially guaranteed contract. His D-League career has been pretty decent, playing in 63 Games while posting 6.7 PPG / 5.3 RPG / 0.2 APG. He will wear number 21 on his jersey.

What prompted Miami to sign him? It might be a mixture of things: Birdman’s injured-plagued start to the season, a realization by Spoelstra that he can’t afford to play small-ball anymore, and Whiteside’s 24 point / 16 rebound / 4 block explosion on the Sioux Falls Skyforce last week. However, Sioux Fall’s own Khem Birch posted a great game himself, notching up 19 points and 11 rebounds.

It remains to be seen what his role will be, but it is Miami’s first move of the season, so reasonable it has Heat fans cautiously optimistic. Yet, early on, it seems that he will be a long-term project ala Dexter Pittman, Eddy Curry, and Greg Oden.

Miami Heat Torch The Wizards On Opening Night

Well, the new era of Miami Heat basketball has arrived and there is nothing like starting strong to prove the haters wrong. Miami hosted the Washington Wizards, who added longtime Heat nemesis Paul Pierce in the offseason in hopes to boost their scoring. It wasn’t enough…

The Heat looked like a real team last night. The ball movement was sensational and 3 players (Cole, Wade & Bosh) scored 20+ points.


The Washington Wizards were without star guard Bradley Beal and center Nene was benched due to suspension. The Miami Heat were without out key offseason addition Josh McRoberts. The game was a competitive one with a handful of ties and lead changes until the Heat broke away in the fourth quarter. Heat fans suffered a major scare late in the third quarter when Heat Lifer Dwyane Wade went down with an apparent leg injury and stayed on the hardwood for nearly a minute. He walked into the locker room on his own accord and then returned in the 4th quarter with what was labeled a contusion in his calf. However, nothing could slow down the man formerly known as Flash. Wade returned to the court with ice water in his veins – first pump-faking out one Wiz player to draw the foul and then hitting jump shot after jump shot to seal the deal and send Washington packing.

The crowd at AAA arena was on their feet for most of the late-4th quarter as Wade and Norris Cole put away their Eastern Conference foes for good. The loudest moment of last night’s victory, though, occurred when high-flying rookie James Ennis launched into the air for a vicious dunk that nearly brought the house down. Anyone that predicted the Heat fan base would fall off after Lebron left town underestimates these fans’  dedication and loyalty. It was a packed house and the fans sure got a treat on opening night.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.27.51 PM

What Worked: Inserting Norris Cole into the starting lineup and having Mario Chalmers come off the bench as the 2-guard was very effective. Cole scored a career high 23 points (including a late 3-point dagger from about 27 feet away) and Chalmers looked aggressive all throughout this bout as he had some scoring success of his own. Also, Chris Bosh made good on his increased touches and he led all scorers and rebounders with 26 and 15.

What didn’t work: The Heat started newcomer Shawne Williams at forward last night where he went 0-6 from beyond the line and ultimately went 1-9 shooting. Williams is known for his 3-point stroke so his performance last night was a bit discouraging. However, even the great ones have off shooting nights and coach Erik Spoelstra is still tinkering with the starting lineups. Look for Williams to bounce back against Philadelphia on Saturday night.

Written by Grant Cohen

Twitter @GrantCohen