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The “Super Unusual” case of Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat

Can you remember the last time a sports organization acted in the best interest of their player over their own interest? This is the situation with Chris Bosh. Bosh wants to be out there on the court and the Miami Heat are telling him NO. What should the Miami Heat do?


Kevin Durant Bringing his Talents to South Beach?

With the summer of Free Agency looming for the NBA, there are some pretty coveted free agents hitting the market. None of which is more sought after than Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Here is where Stephen A. Smith of First Take on ESPN thinks he will land… The Miami conversation starts at 3:00 minutes in.


Dwyane Wade gets Emotional Before Game 7

Dwyane Wade is no newby when it comes to Playoff Basketball and GAME 7’s. But how many more will he have for the remainder of his career. Watch as he appears to get emotional during the National Anthem.