Jonathan Martin Implicated in Stealing Rookie Josh Samuda’s ‘Rachet White Impala on Weak 24’s’

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Josh Samuda car stolen

Attention all Dolphin Rookies…Lock your car at training camp!

Richie tried to hide the truth about the disappearance of the car to throw the cops off the scent

But then Richie tweeted this pic that might run counter to his previous statement

Martin looks like he got caught red handed in the car but he denies all allegations…worked for OJ…

Ryan Tannehill tried to assist the rookie in getting his car back, noting that he saw the vehicle and the location where in an attempt to help him out….

It looks like a difficult crime to solve and hope that the cops can locate the subject and bring him to justice. Please, we ask our readers NOT to take any action if you see the car and to call Plantation Police who will handle all leads.