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Exclusive: Chris Bosh in Ghana

We all know about Bosh’s world tour and his latest stop was Ghana where DHM fan Kofi Effraim lives. He attended the events where Bosh was to support his favorite team and sent us these pictures that you wont see anywhere else!

Bosh 2014 Family World Tour!

Bosh and his family live by the rule where you should visit a new place every year. With this trip that the NBA sent him on, he might have crossed off a few too many places to keep up that mantra! Now all he needs to do is get back to Miami and ink that contract!

Miami Heat 2014 Draft Rumors – June 23, 2014

So the draft is on Thursday and speculation is starting to Heat up about Miami’s plans and what they will do, considering how much a decision from the big 3 can impact their decision making. According to Heat Vice President of Personnel Chet Kammerer, through Ira Winderman, they are looking for a guy who’s ready to play as of today, and have a board of about 20 guys they are keying in on.

Below are some of the names being talked about as of today.

Shabazz Napier, Connecticut, PG

Cleanthony Early, Wichita St., SF/PF

Kyle Anderson, UCLA

Clint Capela, Switzerland, PF

Jordan Clarkson, Missouri, PG