Dirk basically says he HATES the HEAT

“In life, I don’t really hate much,” Nowitzki said Friday on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM’s “Fitzsimmons and Durrett” after taking batting practice to prepare for his Heroes celebrity baseball game. “I’m an easygoing guy, but that’s probably about as close as it gets.”

Dirk further goes onto say that while the Heat described the Spurs series as “The hardest series they’ve played so far.” that they must have forgotten about the 2011 Finals. “He might have preferred to say ‘the toughest series that we won,'” Nowitzki said. “Yeah, for sure, the way they fought that out in Game 7 was an unbelievable series, but we did get ’em.”

It’s okay Dirk, we let you have one. Just ONE though.