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NBA Rookies vote Kobe Bryant as favorite over Lebron James

NBA rookies this week we’re asked to take an NBA.COM survey at their annual photoshoot. When asked about who their current favorite player was 21.2 percent of the rookies voted for Kobe Bryant while only 15.2 percent voted for Lebron James.
Just last year LBJ topped this survey with 30.1% of rookies voting for him. Who knows what has changed for the players to vote for Kobe this year instead, maybe it was the awesome season he and his team had. That was sarcasm by the way.

999663_621526414524248_681675580_nHaters Gone Hate

But no matter because as everyone knows, Lebron hates coming in second in anything so these rookies will probably get a little lesson from the man himself this upcoming season.

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