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The Latest From the Big 3 Summit at SoHo House Miami

There was no way LeBron, Bosh, and Wade could all go to SoHo House and not get noticed when the entire NBA world is focused on what they are going to do.

We previously noted it was expected that Wade would opt-out and take a 4 year 50-55 million dollar deal, which, is probably more of a “best case” of LeBron and the Heat organization than something he was necessarily willing to take.
The meeting today was a step in that direction. When LeBron opt-ed out, it made it pretty clear that Wade and Bosh would need to follow suit to allow the team maximum flexibility to win next season.
After dinner Bosh went home and Wade and LeBron went to the Jay/Bey concert at Sun Life. I’m sure the discussion will continue and hopefully a decision can be reached soon with Thursday’s draft looming.
The Heat have been rumored to be trying to reach up in the draft to get Shabazz Napier tomorrow night, but, it’s unlikely that any team will lend a helping hand…unless we pay a hefty price.
Shabazz Napier

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