The ReHeat: Heat @ Magic

What is the ReHeat? A quick entertaining view of last nights Heat game. Enjoy
Mario Chalmers – [24 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds]  Mario Bleeping Chalmers. The guy that Failed in the 2014 Finals. The guy that got the brute of the aggression from fellow teammates. That guy. He’s turning this season into a middle finger for everyone who doubted him. Rio isn’t an elite player and probably won’t get that recognition at anytime this year if the Heat is going to float around .500 like this, but regardless we have one of hell of a player. Yes he makes his mistakes but it’s coming to a point where the investment is worth the risks. I sound like a banker don’t I?

Chris Bosh – [32 points 10 rebounds] – Oh hey Chris Bosh. Nice to have you back!! The production came through when it was needed most as well: In the 4th Quarter, Bosh scored 14 of those 32 points. Now did he shut down his opponent? No. Nik Vucevic had a career night (33 points and 17 rebounds) but it was Bosh who had the bigger game in the end.
Shabazz Napier – [12 points] With Norris Cole out, the Heat needed Napier more than ever and he came through with 12 points and also showed toughness against Victor Oladipo.
Chris Andersen – [5 points] – There was a time where this 36 year old looked like one of the youngest guys on the roster because of his energy on both ends of the floor. Maybe that production came when the stakes were higher but Birdman has been grounded for most of the season now. This 36 year old looks like..well..a 36 year old. The question is do you want to give Udonis Haslem the Bird’s minutes?
Dwyane Wade –  [DNP] He was able to get a good sweat in and workout prior to last nights game, and his return seems imminent. When will he be back? Before Derrick Rose? Then again it seems like a lot of things will happen before Derrick Rose comes back. That guy is 14 claps away from reaching a career high 17,000 claps from the bench.
What is up with the team constantly playing in their Home jerseys on the road? Does anyone realize we have black and red jerseys?!
Lance Stephenson and the Charlotte Hornets come to town tonight at 6:00 PM. See you after the game. – Binoj
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