Adidas New Hurricanes Uniform Concept

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As a follow-up to the new designs and shoes Adidas fashioned when the U announced their partnership with them, Adidas has now unveiled their new uniform concepts. The first is a somewhat of a throwback to yesteryear’s uniforms with the white jersey and orange, green-striped pants. The other all orange concept looks more like something the Canes have used in previous years but fashioned to the Adidas brand. Also notable is the use of a retro-looking Sebastian rather than the newer image. Adidas and school officials have already stated that these are just development stage concepts that will still undergo a few more changes prior to their debut this upcoming season. Tell us what U think…

miami-uniforms-adidas-concept kareem-brown-instagram-new-uniforms-white-crop kareem-brown-instagram-new-uniforms-orange-crop