What is LBJ?

season stats1LBJ is the GREATEST and the most HATED. LBJ is your sweetest dreams wrapped up in your worst nightmares. You cant stand to watch it, and you cant stop watching. You can call him whatever you want. We call him MVP. The MVP and Championship is something we plan to keep in Miami for a very very long time. Let everybody speculate on the next destination of the King… What they wont know is — THE KING IS ALREADY HOME!



Can you do Math? Don’t you see that he’s put together the most impressive stats of his career while being the most efficient player of our generation.  Averaging the assists of a PG, rebounds of a PF, and the Field Goal percentage of a Center.  And when he’s bored from doing that, he plays catch with the fans.

LBJ About to bust out of this PER CHART


You are now watching a master at work. ENJOY!


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