5 Miami Fighters Who are 305 to the Core

Miami has always been a place where a good scrap beats a shootout. One thing we are known for is hands. Miami guys(and gals) are always down for a good scrap. Thanks to Miami legend Kimbo Slice, Miami was put on the map as the scrappers capital of the USA. Starting out as a youtube street fighting sensation, Kimbo used his following, and his punching power, to climb his way into the cage, eventually ending up in the UFC. Unfortunately, Miami lost its legend in his youth, but he left a legacy behind.

Currently there are 5 active fighters in Miami who are making the 305 proud, and carrying on the legacy Kimbo started.

Source: Brawl Bros. 

#1 Rene “Level” Martinez

Level is a bare knuckle brawler turned professional MMA fighter. He can be seen in the Netflix documentary “Dawg Fight” participating in the events that were hosted by Dada 5000. He demolished the bareknuckle circuit and decided to try his hand at the pros. He was once a gang leader in the streets of Miami, hustling drugs and at one point, was an associate of Kimbo Slice. Now he is 6-1 as a professional MMA fighter, turning his aggression into something positive and making representing Miami. One of his biggest accomplishments, was choking out former welterweight world champion boxer Ricardo Mayorga in the cage.

Here are some highlights of Level kicking ass:

#2 Azea “Stanley” Augustama

Once hailed as the “King of NMB “ on the streets of North Miami Beach, Azea Augustama is a professional boxer and 2008 Beijing Olympics qualifier. Azea was born in Haiti but made his way over to Miami when he was just 4 years of age. Like any tough kid in Miami, he got into a lot of street fights and eventually, him and his brothers picked up boxing. Seeing tremendous success in the amateurs, Azea was able to qualify for the 2008 Olympics. After his run there, he turned pro and is currently boasting a good record of 20-3. Still a contender and has the potential to one day, compete for the world title at 175 lbs. Stanley had a tough up and coming, having to work while following a strict boxing workout. He has trained with the best of them, having gave guys like Bernard Hopkins, David Haye, and Jean Pascale a run for their money in sparring.

Get to know him better here in this old news special, previous to his olympic run:

#3 Dada 5000

Love him or hate him, Dada picked up where Kimbo left off and help put Miami and its fighters on the map. He hosted bareknuckle events that birthed guys like Level. Dada himself made a run as a professional MMA fighter in Bellator, after a few streak of wins of bare knuckle fights. He ended up fighting Kimbo Slice, in what was Kimbo’s last professional fight before his passing. The fight was criticised by fight fans but in that fight, Dada nearly died, having his kidneys fail and experiencing two heart attacks post fight. We love him as a promoter and hope to have him continue to be involved in the Miami fight scene.

#4 Jorge “GameBred” Masdival

Probably the most accomplished fighter on this list, Jorge came a long way. He is boasting a 32-13 MMA record and is currently a UFC fighter, having beat guys like Donald Cerrone in the cage(yes, that Cerrone). Jorge is a beast in the cage. He was once a member of Kimbo’s crew and would fight on Slice’s street fight “undercards.” The irony is, back then, alot of comments left on his youtube videos is that “he would never last in the cage.” Jorge more than proved people wrong. He is now one of the most accomplished fighters to come out of Miami. Thanks for being a beast Jorge.

Proof that work ethic is everything, here is Jorge kicking ass:

#5 Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr.

We’ve mentioned carrying Kimbo’s legacy a few times in this post, but no one is doing it like Kimbo’s heir himself, Baby Slice. Kevin Ferguson Jr. is Kimbo’s son, which is why he goes by the name “Baby Slice.” He is doing his dad justice and keeping the family name proud. Kevin is currently competing as a pro MMA fighter signed to Bellator. Showing flashes of his father, but with a more versatile ground game, Baby Slice is a beast in the ring, and the best part, he is only getting better. He is still young on his road to champion but he shows that he is more than capable of getting there.

Here is one of Kevin’s impressive victories:

Support Our Boys

These guys are representing Miami right and bringing on the haters! They helped show that we breed the toughest guys around. Attend their fights, follow them, show them love.

Source: Brawl Bros.

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