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Chris Bosh: Excited for the Challenge

Chris Bosh is returning to the Heat on a 5 year $118M deal and is excited to take on the challenge of being the Heat’s leader, going back to a role he was familiar with in Toronto.

Bosh Family World Tour 14

Bosh found out about LeBron leaving while standing on a basketball court in Ghana teaching a kids Camp when his cell phone buzzed with a text message from James. Right after, Miami dropped their monster max offer and locked him up.
On LeBron leaving: “We’re going to be brothers regardless. No bitter feelings, man. It’s all love.”
On offers from other teams: “[There were] very enticing offers,” Bosh said. “There was some surprising advances made in everything, but I ultimately decided to stay in Miami. I think it was the right choice. I benefit from it, the team will benefit from it, from here. My heart was in Miami. I wanted to be there and keep my family there and build relationships and really keep building on something special.”
On his and LeBron’s decisions: “We’re all making decisions to make ourselves happy and our families happy.That doesn’t take away what we’ve done together and the special bond that we created and the special bond that we have and just all the memories that we had together. That will never change. As you move forward, you appreciate those moments and keep going forward.”
How are our chances for winning a championship with the current team: “I think right now we have the correct infrastructure to compete for a championship. We have to get much better at certain positions, and there’s a bunch of things that have to continue to happen. But you know a team like the Spurs, they had a lot of guys that people underestimate, but as a team, they were outstanding.”
What happened at that lunch a few weeks back in Miami: “That’s what I want people to understand: That wasn’t like a top-secret meeting. We’re friends. It was just friends having lunch. It wasn’t what everybody thought it was. It was more so all of us being able to come together and have a nice lunch without having to talk about the madness that was about to happen.”


Are the Heat going to win the first Heat / Cavs matchup? Maybe even opening night.. “Of course, we’re going to win it. And let me tell you something, nothing’s going to change. If anything, I’m going to have a bigger chip on my shoulder. Maybe people in Miami really don’t know that side of me, but I want something more than just to compete. I believe in our ability, no matter who I’m playing with. You ask me 10 times, 10 times I’ll say yes.”
We’re loving Bosh’s attitude and looking forward to him leading the team with the same energy he used to bring back in his CB4 days. With no more deferring to LeBron, Bosh will be UNLEASHED!!!!!

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