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Chris Bosh: Prepared for a Larger Role

We like what we’re hearing out of Chris Bosh so far this year and hope he can back all this talk up!!
“The volume of touches, that’s the only similarities” to Toronto. Everything else is totally different. It’s getting to be a little while ago. I always get the question: ‘You going to be like you were in Toronto?’ No, I’m not. I consider myself a much better player than I was then. I’m a better leader. I’m taking the experiences I’ve had over the past years and trying to bring all that over to my new role.”
“I knew what it was as soon as I agreed. I’ve been in this league 10-plus years now, and I consider myself a decently smart person. Yeah, I know what it means. And as far as like my role with this team, and what they’re going to demand of me is a lot more. I understand that. I understood that back in July. It’s a work in progress for me.”

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