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Dwyane Wade, Stepping Up to the Challenge

Dwyane Wade said he doesn’t blame LeBron for him opting out of almost $10 million dollars he would have otherwise received. Always sacrificing for Miami, Wade said “I opted out for the better of the team, not for any individual”.
These actions by Wade is why the city of Miami always sticks behind Wade, through the good and bad, because we know he’s got our back…. even if it means losing a good chunk of cash. “It cost me some money. I’m not concerned about it. Not overly concerned, anyway.”
Wade has been playing at a high level this season, reaching 18,000th career points last week, and ranked 6th in scoring, averaging 23.2 points a game.

This season hasn’t been easy so far, but, Wade seems to be viewing it as a challenge to keep pushing on after a year full of big changes, including getting married to Gabrielle Union and his recent coaching duties which may keep him here even after he’s done playing.

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