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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Shane Battier – Battioke and Shane's Take Charge Foundation!


We sat down with Shane earlier this week to hear all about Battioke (now in its 3rd year) and his Take Charge Foundation.
What was the inspiration behind the Take Charge Foundation?
SB: My wife Heidi and I want to make a tangible, positive change in the communities in which we live. We believe that education is the best way to achieve your dreams and we wanted to be a part of making those dreams come true. It’s our civic responsibility to use our platform to bring positive social change through education.
How do you make time for the foundation during the busiest part of basketball season?
SB: I have a very demanding schedule but I can always try to carve out time to help grow the foundation and help fulfill our mission, because I know in my heart that we are making a difference. No matter how busy you are, it’s important to make time for things that fulfill you in life. After meeting our scholarship recipients, you would be inspired to do more and help more great kids.
Do you and your HEAT teammates partake in karaoke together for fun on the road, outside of Battioke?
SB: The magic of Battioke cannot be replicated outside of that night. It is truly a once a year lighting-in-a-bottle.
What can attendees expect at Battioke 2014?
SB: Be prepared to laugh and experience quality entertainment like you never have before at a charity gala. Many guests tell us that Battioke is the best charity experience they’ve ever attended. High praise.
Whose performance are you most looking forward to this year?
SB: James Jones! He is best vocalist by far, and he’s going to bring his A-game this year. But don’t discount the reigning champion, Chris Bosh. He’s an absolute pro!
Who picks the songs selected for Battioke karaoke? You or your teammates?
SB: Every song is personally selected by the performer, and each performance is heartfelt and passionate. Battioke is 100% authentic.
What’s your best memory of previous Battioke’s?
SB: Chris Bosh doing his best Barry White impression, singing “My First, My Last, My Everything,” as a Vegas lounge singer. That performance crowned him the Battioke champion. I just remember just laughing until I cried.
Well that’s what Battioke is all about and we can’t wait for the event as it will be unforgettable as always!! To make a donation to Shane’s foundation, please visit and click on the “donate” link at the top.
Highlights from Past Years!!

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