Goran Dragic’s Face is taking a Beating this Season

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Since the start of the season, Goran Dragic has been taking quite a beating. It’s all a part of the game, I guess? Here are some recent shots he took in the NBA Playoffs.

April 12: Dragic catches a Spencer Dinwiddie forearm in Detroit, and then tosses his tooth aside on the sideline. No foul was called on the play.

May 5: Dragic attempts to take a charge from DeMar DeRozan. Instead he took an elbow to the mouth and required eight stitches after his front teeth pierced through his bottom lip. Dragic was whistled for a blocking foul.

May 9: The most recent Dragic abuse occurred in last night’s Game 4 where Demar Derozan loses the ball on a dribble and kicks the ball on Goran’s face..

And all we have to say in Miami is… LEAVE GORAN ALONE!