Greg Oden to Resume Talks with Miami Heat

The Heat are still looking to add a Center to the squad and Greg Oden is the cheapest and potentially the best available at the moment. A former #1 draft pick in 2007 was plagued by a number of injuries and is looking for a return to the NBA, and what better place than the Heat who can afford to not play him right away and to make a huge contribution if he is able to get back to full speed.

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Oden’s agent Mike Conley said told fox sports the other day, that “Obviously, they’ve got a need there. “It’s a situation where they probably can’t go out and get a top player (with the money they have), but they can take chance on somebody like Greg and his upside. The exposure (of playing for the Heat) would be good for Greg. He could work his way back into his game. I think Miami is a good situation.”

At the moment, Miami still has their Mid Level Exception contract available, which appears to be what Oden’s agent is targeting, knowing that our cap situation isn’t optimal for anything larger. But knowing that he could potentially win a ring and revive his career, and the low risk that he would be to Miami, having Oden here could be a good fit for both sides.