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Haslem Opts-Out of Contract

UD is the latest Miami Heat player to step up the plate, opt-out, and agree to have his deal restructured to provide the Heat more cap space. Haslem is expected to get a multiyear deal, probably at the vet min, to off-set the money that he could have otherwise made this year.
UD gave up an easy 5 million that he was due this year to probably take a 3 year, $8-8M deal or so.
This doesn’t mean Haslem will stick around for the next 3 years, it just means that they are adjusting his contract for the cap and will find a way to get him paid out a couple years from now to compensate him for being the ULTIMATE team player.

Wade and Bosh are expected to opt-out this weekend as well but we are still waiting on confirmation.

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