HEAT Reject Evan Turner trade for Udonis Haslem


In this day and age of professional sports, players get traded on whims and the excuse is that the sport is a business. Well it seems that for the Heat it  would have been good business to trade Udonis Haslem for Evan Turner. But this time it wasn’t about business, but rather Loyalty and Family.

Udonis Haslem who is averaging career lows in points per game and rebounds took a pay cut to stay with the Heat 4 years ago when the big three were formed. This week the Heat rewarded his sacrifice with one of their own.

“ESPN commentator and Herald contributor Dan Le Batard reported today that the Heat last week rejected Philadelphia’s trade offer of Evan Turner for Udonis Haslem because trading Haslem, who sacrificed more than $10 million to sign here, would not be sending the right message. ” Per the Herald.

No doubt that this puts the Heat front office in a good light for potential free agent players, because when the Heat say they’re about family, they mean it.

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