KD Gatorade Contract Not Being Renewed

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According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Kevin Durant’s deal with Gatorade will expire next week and not be renewed.

Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade Gatorade Commercial-2

The word is that the Wade / KD beef is real, but, that Wade had nothing to do with KD not getting renewed by Gatorade…well see how this plays out.

“No, I ain’t got that kind of power, I ain’t got that kind of juice at all.” Wade added, “Everyone has their opinion,” “We’re in the age now where everyone uses their opinion. That was it. He (Durant) had an opinion. I had a response and there you have it.”

Durant for his part said “Dwyane Wade is a great, great player, man,” on Eye on Basketball’s Royce Young. “I’m not discrediting anything he’s done or nothing like that. I just voiced my opinion. He’s a great, great player. Finals MVP and champion. I didn’t mean to disrespect that or take that away or anything. I just voiced my opinion as of today. I love you D-Wade, man. It’s just competition.