LeBron and Savannah Expecting their 3rd Child….A Girl This Time??

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Word is that LeBron and Savannah are expecting their third child after Bryce and Bronny, and appears the couple is hoping for a girl this time around from everything they have said.

lebron savannnah baby 3 girl

Savannah isn’t showing much yet but the rumor is that she is 15-16 weeks along.
savannah baby 3 lebron

LeBron has been talking about how he wanted a daughter for a while, even taking pictures with Bosh’s and saying he wanted one of his own.

“OMG I NEED A DAUGHTER,” he captioned a photo with teammate Chris Bosh’s little princess. “I’m too jealous of u dude! She’s amazing. #DaddysLilGirl.”
lebron bosh daugther

Congrats and best of luck to the two of them!