LeBron to continue Pre-Game Dunks

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After hearing some criticism from the social media world and former players about his pre-game rituals, on Tuesday, LeBron actually considered stopping his spectacular Dunk Contests. On second thought, who cares what anybody says? LeBron said on Thursday that he was committed to the routine and wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

“I don’t do it for anyone besides out team,” James said. “We came up with something to say, ‘Let’s get warmed up even more.’ We’re happy our fans love it, and we’re going to continue to do it. It’s something that gets us up for the game.”
“I don’t do it for anyone besides our team,” James said

All the noise forced Miami Heat owner Micky Arison to defend his superstar and give a little suggestion to the Haters.

“Everyone stop complaining about @KingJames in the dunk contest,” Micky tweeted. “If u want to see him dunk come to the @AAarena. & enjoy the show.”

While on this 12 game winning streak, LeBron James has putting up historic numbers. It doesn’t seem as though this is effecting his game too much. “I don’t care — I get criticized for everything,” James said. ” That’s a small thing on my agenda, is that I’m getting critized for what I do in warm-ups. Stop it.”

LeBron doesn’t need an All-Star Dunk Contest trophy to validate that he’s the most ferocious dunker in the NBA. How does it happen?

“It just happens,” James said. “I don’t need props, capes, cheerleaders and flight attendants to walk out with me. I just do it. It just happens. Like in a game, if you throw a lob, I’ll just figure it out while I’m in the air.”