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Mark Cuban calls the Heat "The Bad Guys"

When ever Mark Cuban speaks of the Heat you have to except what comes out of his mouth will be of the Hating variety. While giving an interview to a local Dallas radio station, the subject of the Heat came up and Mark has some words on the state of our team.
“With the two titles, they’re still like the bad guys. There’s a confidence bordering on arrogance that is good for them as a team and good for us as a league because it also makes them the team that everybody wants to knock off.
They’re kind of in some respects the Oakland Raiders—and I know that’s going to get picked up everywhere. They’re kind of like the Oakland Raiders when they are winning. I don’t want to compare Micky [Arison] to Al Davis—that’s not fair—but you either love them or you hate them.
That’s always good for the NBA, when you have a team that everybody looks forward to beating. Like when we beat them, I would go to places I’ve never been and people would give me a standing ovation. That’s good for the NBA.”
Heat Players had an opinion on his statement.
“Nah, I don’t see us like that,” Mario Chalmers said. “Maybe the first year when we came together, we were the Raiders, we were the bad guys. But now, we’ve slightly turned into America’s Team. Everybody cheering for us wherever we are. So I don’t agree with that comment at all. Everybody wants to see the Heat play, see what the Heat do.”
“We’re not a band of misfits,” forward Udonis Haslem said. “I mean, that’s one guy’s opinions. I understand, being back-to-back champions, everybody wants to beat us. That’s understood. But I think the Oakland Raiders thing is a little, little inaccurate.”
Even though the Heat might not like being compared to the Raider or Yankees for that matter, one thing for sure is that Hate fuels this team to greatness. Bring it on!

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