Miami Heat Player Roger Mason Jr. Robbed at a local Restaurant

robert mason

Roger Mason Jr. and his sister were dining at Ni. Do. Cafe late Sunday night after the Heat victory over the Charlotte Bobcats. Four armed assailants came into the restaurant and demanded everyone get on the ground while holding them at gunpoint. At this time one of the suspects grabbed Roger Mason Jr.’s two-toned diamond Rolex while the others grabbed $800 from the cash register. The suspects left in a black Escalade and shot once at the shop owner who followed them outside. Thankfully no one was hurt during the incident.
Yesterday police found the black Escalade and engaged in a short chase with the suspects until the SUV rammed a police vehicle. 2 of the 4 suspects were apprehended and found in possession of the stolen items from Sunday’s robbery. The stolen Rolex was returned to Roger Mason Jr. but the police are still looking for 2 suspects in the case.

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