New LeBron Interview – Confessions of a King

ESPN’s Chris Broussard talks with LeBron James in his new Interview for Espn the magazine. Here are a couple quotes from the interview and you can find the full article here.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Did you take any time off this summer?
I took one month off. We ended on June 20, and I started working out on July 20. I didn’t do anything. It was hard. The challenge for me is that my mind wants to always be in the gym. But I understand that I have to give my body rest from all the pounding and everything I’ve been through the last two and a half years. So it’s a fine line, man. But it’s hard for me to sit down. It’s hard for me to sit down when I know I could be doing something — working on my game in the gym or going to the Wellness Center by my house back home [in Akron, Ohio] or just doing some conditioning, doing a Pilates session or whatever. I’m just always trying to keep the edge, man.
Your agent, Rich Paul, told me he thinks you’re 85 percent of the player you can be. What percentage would you put on it?
I don’t know the percentage, but I know I still have room for improvement. I feel I can improve on my shooting, on my ballhandling, on my low-post game. Since I started playing ball, I’ve only been in the low post for two years now, playing with my back to the basket. So that still needs a lot of improvement to catch up with the rest of my game. If it’s something I feel like I don’t do very well, I just try to come back and do it better.

Will you play more in the post this year?
Yeah. Absolutely. I think it’s a dynamic that helps our team more than anything. We don’t have too many conventional post-up guys. Obviously, CB [Chris Bosh] can get down there, but he’s more of a spot-up, catch-and-shoot, pick-and-flair guy. D-Wade does a little bit down there as well. But it brought a new dynamic for our team when I started to change the pie chart of my game — less perimeter and now adding a little bit more in the post.

You used to not like playing in the post.
It wasn’t that I didn’t like it; it was just something I wasn’t comfortable with. I would say I’m comfortable with it now. And for me, anything that adds value to our team and the guys around me, my teammates, I’m all for it. If it took me playing without the ball and cutting more or slashing more without the ball, if it took me playing point guard, if it took me playing center, if it’s going to help our team, I’m for it. And I felt like in order for our team to be more dynamic, I needed to be in the low post. It just creates so many matchup problems. Teams can’t play me one-on-one down there, so when a double-team comes, with me being as tall as I am and with my basketball IQ, I’m able to find guys uncovered. So it’s a dynamic for our team that not many teams have.

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