New Study Finds HEAT Fans Most Loyal in NBA

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For years now Miami fans have been the subject of many jokes. We’ve been called fairweather, front-running, late-arriving and many other nonsensical terms by opposing fan bases. But according to a study done by Brand Keys Sports Fan Loyalty Index, we are the most loyal fan base in all of the NBA.

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Five

Jumping up 5 spots from last year, we are now considered to be the most loyal fan base  The parameters of this test we’re Entertainment, Authenticity, Fan Bonding, and History & Tradition.

Top-5- 2013                                 2012

1. Miami Heat                                 (#6)

2. San Antonio Spurs                    (#1)

3. New York Knicks                       (#10)

4. Boston Celtics                            (#2)

5. Oklahoma City Thunder/

Brooklyn Nets                                (#5 and #14)

Bottom-5 2013                          2012

30. Charlotte Bobcats                   (#30)

29. Sacramento Kings                   (#29)

28. Minnesota Timberwolves      (#27)

27. Washington Wizards              (#26)

26. Cleveland Cavaliers                (#22)

Recently Heat fans have been under attack (mainly because no one can say anything about our team) and all we can say to that is DON’T HATE MIAMI!!