Ray Allen to Retire, or, Not so Fast?

According to Ray Allen, LeBron’s decision, is what is going to drive his decision to return and play for the Heat for one more season (with next being his last) or to hang it up this summer. There is still a chance that if LeBron doesn’t return, that Ray could head to another team, but, we see that as pretty unlikely given the circumstances, his age and love of Miami.
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Per ESPN, Ray speaking on his career and his decision:

“I’ve had a great career, I’m content with what I’ve done,” Allen said. “It’s hard to think past this moment. In the next couple of days I’ll think about it and see where my true heart lies.”

“One thing is for certain, to [make retirement decision] on my terms is the most important thing,” Allen said. “Whether that is me retiring, staying here or going somewhere else it will be on my terms. I’ve made it to this point and I felt great that I have the choice to make it for myself.”

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Hopefully Pat can work his magic, keeping the Big 3 together, which would bring Ray back for one last run go out on top!