Reggie Bush avoids serious Knee Injury

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When Reggie Bush took a helmet to the knee and went down yesterday with 36 seconds left in the Half, Miami fans were holding their breath and expecting the worst. The Dolphins continued the whole second half of the game without Reggie Bush and Miami might have to get by the next couple of weeks without him.

The history of Reggie Bush’s knee injuries may have some concerned, but a source said on Monday that this injury was ” nothing season-ending”. The Dolphins face Arizona,┬áCincinnati before the BYE Week in Week 7.

Reggie Bush was the AFC Offensive Player of the Week in Week 2 and was on another monster day when the injury happened, 10 carries for another 61 yards.

Oh, BTW, Darrelle Revis has a Torn ACL and will be out for the rest of the Season!