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The Best Case Scenario for the Heat Right Now

Now that LeBron has opted out, there is a storm brewing around the NBA, with everyone trying to make whatever tweak they find necessary to reel in LeBron. The situation in Miami will be really interesting over the next couple weeks, but, can be made a lot easier by a few, but, very difficult moves for a number of the guys.
Wade LeBron Celebrate Heat Win
The best case scenario for us includes:

  • Wade needs to opt out…
  • Bosh needs to opt out…
  • Udonis needs to opt out..

Told you it wasn’t going to be easy.
That’s going to be leaving a lot of money on the table for these guys, which, all in their own ways, makes for a difficult decision. But, the upside, is that they will create about $50 Million in cap space, which would leave Miami with the ultimate flexibility to make whatever moves they see fit. We obviously would love the core to return with whatever deals make them happy, along with some fresh new talent, but, we’ll leave all that up to the front office to handle.

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