Top Miami Heat Free Agency Rumors as of June 21, 2014

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While LeBron is on vacation, The Miami Heat free agency rumors are flying. These are the top players who have been discussed as potential options to land in Miami.

Luol Deng – That 3 is killer, we could have used some of it this year (and not against us).
Luol Deng Heat Free Agency
Lance Flopperson – probably won’t happen for obvious reasons.
Lance Stephenson Miami Heat Free Agency
Kyle Lowrey – If he takes a pay cut, man would this be nice.
kyle lowrey heat free agency
Eric Bledsoe – One of LeBron’s boys, same agent too, but, would break the bank.
Eric Bledsoe Free Agency Heat
Chandler Parsons – Would be nice, but, probably cost us a bit too.
Chandler Parsons Heat Free Agency