Wade & LeBron LEAD East All-Star Voting

Wade and LeBron are getting some MUCH needed rest and stacking up the all-star votes! You KNOW Wade and LeBron (and hopefully Bosh) are going to be making Heads Turn and Haters Cry as they UNLEASH on the West, sorry Kobe!

Let’s hope the coaches realize that Bosh is more productive and put him in the game where he belongs!!

“Win shares is an advanced metric that estimates how many wins a player contributes to his team, combining both offensive and defensive value. In 2010-11, Bosh’s play has translated to 5.1 wins so far, topping the totals for Pierce (4.6), Garnett (4.3) and Stoudemire (3.5) — all of whom lead Bosh in fan voting. ”
Is Chris Bosh an All-Star?

You coaches know what to do!