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LeBron James playing safe with Preseason

After one of the greatest year’s for an individual in Basketball, LeBron James admits that he might need some rest.

In 18 months, LeBron James says he’s played more basketball than ever in his life. With the start of the shortened lock-out season last year, there were no breaks between games as there seemed to be a Miami Heat game every other day. LeBron claimed his 3rd League MVP as he was heading into the playoffs and eventually capturing the elusive NBA Title he had been chasing.

LeBron immediately joined TEAM USA and led them to another Gold Medal in the 2012 London Olympics. While the rest of his Miami Heat teammates are getting back into basketball shape, LeBron has been for the past 18 months.

“It does feel different,” James said. “I’m in better shape right now then I’ve been, because I’ve played so much basketball. Usually, it takes me a week, a week-and-a-half of camp to kind of get back into it. But at the same time, I’ve still got to be cautious. I’ve played a lot of basketball and I’ve got to be cautious and not allow myself to be out there too much. We’ll monitor that.

Thought James has no concerns about wearing down during the season, his limited training camp and preseason will give him an excellent opportunity to rest up for the October 30th start of the NBA Season and his journey to defend the Title.

The Miami Heat start preseason on Oct. 7 when they face the Atlanta Hawks and then head to Los Angeles to face off against the Clippers for 2 games. James will be monitored during the on court basketball drills during training camp and might sit out the first preseason game against Atlanta.

“I don’t even know if I’ll play much at all in that game,” LeBron said about the Atlanta game.

Obama compares himself to the Miami Heat

The President loves basketball and probably knows more about it than you. So when the New York times reported that President Obama dropped a basketball analogy after being asked about his chances in the 2012 presidential election, of course he mentioned the best team in the NBA, the Miami Heat.

The Obama Basketball LOGO

“We’re the Miami Heat, and he’s Jeremy Lin,” was President Obama’s response when comparing his campaign team to Mitt Romney. This reference was made around February 23rd around the same time the Miami Heat were do to face New York Knicks and the phenomenon known as Linsanity. President Obama’s comment referred to what would happen to then new and exciting Jeremy Lin (Mitt Romney) would face the true power and determination of the Miami Heat (Obama and friends) and being brought back down to Earth.

President Barack Obama and LeBron James share a few words after the USA Exhibition game vs Brazil in Washington DC.


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