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LeBron and Wade Overheard Discussing a Potential Reunion?

Did we Hear LeBron correctly?

At the end of the game on Christmas between the Heat and the Cavs, LeBron shared a candid moment with Dwyane Wade and sounded like he hinted towards a possible a reunion with the Heat. Don’t take our word for it, listen to the clip below for yourself [scroll to about 2:40 mark in video].

Could this be why Dwyane Wade wanted fans to cheer LeBron so much?

#NoGifts: NBA on Christmas

Have you seen the latest commercial for the NBA on Christmas?

yrye Irving, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, Stephen Curry and Pau Gasol all believe in #NoGifts on Christmas. – @MyNameIsBinoj

ReHeat: Heat vs Knicks – 11/30/2104

The Monday after Thanksgiving is such a struggle to get up for. If only we had it like Johnny


But here’s something to get excited and awake for. Dwyane Wade came back and went all 2008 on the Knicks! Oh Happy Dance!!

After 7 games off, Wade finally returned. The New York Knicks on the other hand wished he didn’t. The Heat went up by 16 before the Knicks came running back, cutting a 16 point deficit to 2 (65-63) with about 9 minutes left. Wade then went all 2008 mode, and scored 12 of the next 15. The Knicks then made another run and once again got it to 2 (79-77) before Chris Bosh hit a three when it mattered most.

Dwyane Wade [27 points. 5 rebounds, 5 assists] – In the 7 games without him the team went 3-4. The man had 27 points in total but 13 of them came in the 4th quarter. He’s been in the league for 12 years and players STILL fall for the fake.

Oh and by the way, Gabrielle Union off court performance was better than Wade’s on court performance.

Chris Bosh [20 points, 9 rebounds] Bosh made a HUGE three pointer to seal the game. Insert Bosh Face Bomb



Guys we may have found Carmelo Anthony’s other weakness. Not only can the man not play defense, but he also can’t stand nearby whistles.

In other bizarre news Kevin Garnett attempted to Mike Tyson Joakim Noah

Gerald Green on the other hand didn’t do anything bizarre. He just did this.

Aright so Heat at Wizards tonight. Finally both teams are healthy and all cleared to play. See you after the game for the ReHeat – @MyNameIsBinoj