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Udonis Haslem Officially Re-signs with the Heat

MR 305 is Officially Back as a Member of your Miami Heat!!!


Here is the official statement from Pat Riley:

“Udonis Haslem has been a fixture in Miami over the last 11 years,” said HEAT President Pat Riley. “He’s a team player, an encompassing all-purpose player, that would play just about any position or role in order to win. It’s been such a privilege and honor to have him with the organization and I’m so happy that he decided to come back.”

Everyone online is excited as expected, considering UD has been there and scarified for the team ever since he put on a Heat jersey. He agreed to a 2 year, 5.6 million dollar deal, which, is a discount from what he could have made if he didn’t opt out of his deal last month to allow the heat some flexibility.

Click here for the complete press release from the Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade Continues to Sacrifice for the Heat

Dwyane Wade might be the most selfless player you could find in the NBA – on and off the court. Do you know that in 11 years, Wade has NEVER been the highest paid player on the Heat? Think about that.

Now take a look at some of these facts and you’ll see why he will go down as the most beloved player in Miami Sports history when it’s all said and done.

miami is hom3

Knowing that his body isn’t what it once was and the trust he had in Micky and Pat, Dwyane did what was right for the team this year and opted out.

The hope was obviously to get LeBron to stay and bring in some other talent, but, we know how that turned out. However, instead of now pushing for a long term deal to pay him over the 42 he was previously owed for the next two years, he took ANOTHER discount to help the team.

So, what’s the grand total of Wade’s sacrifice to the Heat?…. I bet you won’t believe it:

Kermit gives his opinion on former Heat players going to Cavs…

… This is some bomb ass milk tho..

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