Knicks DOMINATE, Are you watching Miami?

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So to all you talking about how Indiana was gonna beast New York in this series… WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?

Ya’ll can’t be talking bout that same team we just saw get their a$$ handed to them. Those ass clowns got lucky as f*ck in game one, but that [email protected] is dead. We’re bout to take it to the house.

#WITNESS that.

In the meantime, ya’ll need to kill that championship talk. Ya’ll couldn’t even beat an injured Chicago. Put in work and then run your mouth. And even if you’re lucky enough to make it through, you better have your [email protected] together, cuz we’re bringing it in the ECF. It ain’t like it used to be anymore…

NEW YORK is for real now, son. NYC STAND UP!!!!


Knicks/Indy - Game 2