Lil Wayne Says He’s NOT SORRY

Lil Wayne says he’s NOT SORRY for saying he banged Chris Bosh’s wife or Dissing Dwyane Wade, the ONLY thing he said he’s sorry for is saying “F**K LeBron.

To this we say… No No, F**K YOU!

Wayne was on 99 Jamz just a little bit ago refusing to apologize for his drugged out outburst, but, tried to recover by saying the following nonsense: 

1) Wayne took back what he said about LeBron, saying “I didn’t mean to say [‘f**k LeBron.’] That’s my homie.”
2) Wayne apologized to the CITY of Miami for his outburst … but he specifically did NOT apologize to the Miami Heat.

We don’t care how much money he has or how many records he sold, he’s messin’ with OUR CITY and OUR TEAM and DESERVES NO RESPECT from ANYONE in MIAMI!