MJ Says He Could Take LBJ 1 on 1; But Maybe Not Kobe….#HATER

┬áMichael Jordan said that in his prime he would have been able to beat the likes of LeBron and Dwade in one-on-ones. He then continues to say that the only player he doesn’t know if he could beat was Kobe Bryant. To the casual observer you can say that Jordan is giving Kobe props and doesn’t think much of Lebron’s skills. For the past couple of years Jordan has been taking shots at the King and downplaying whether he has a shot at taking over his top spot.

At DHM we have a theory of our own. Jordan is playing Kobe Bryant up because as of this moment, he doesn’t pose a threat to his “G.O.A.T” legacy. He seems scared that LeBron is going to overtake his place in history as the best to ever play the game.


Who do you think would win One-on-One?