Nicknames of all 15 players released for the HEAT


Today the NBA released all of the nicknames for HEAT players and some are not exactly what you thought they would be.

LeBron James: “King James

Dwyane Wade: “D.Wade

Chris Bosh: “CB

Michael Beasley: “B Easy

Ray Allen : “J. Shuttlesworth

Chris Andersen: “Birdman

Joel Anthony:  “Doc

Shane Battier: “Battle

Mario Chalmers: “Rio

Norris Cole: “Cole Train

Udonis Haslem: “UD

James Jones: “JJ

 Rashard Lewis: “Sweet Lew

Roger Mason Jr.: “MoneyMase

Greg Oden: “G.O.

It’s a little disappointing that due to copyrights Dwyane Wade couldn’t put his signature nickname “Flash” on the back of his jersey.

What do you think?

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