Tim Hardaway on his Son playing for Knicks – I'll Never Wear Knicks Colors, Hat, or Shirt!

“It’s my son,” Hardaway said. “Blood is thicker than water. I will always root for him. But I’m not wearing the Knicks colors, a Knicks hat or a Knicks shirt.”
tim hardway no love knicks
Tim sat down with Art Eddy at StraitPinkie and had a few extra words about his son playing for the Knicks.
AE: As a father you get to watch your son, Tim Jr., play in the NBA. He just recently got drafted by the New York Knicks. What advice did you give him about playing in the NBA?
TH: I think that he already understands. He is very humble. He is like a sponge. He wants to learn. He doesn’t like losing. He is a competitor. He has heart. He has confidence, all you want in a basketball player.
He is going to a team that is trying to get their image to be well liked around the NBA. I think that they have done that. They brought in some key pieces. I think fans around the NBA like what they are doing. He will be a consummate pro. He is going out there and learn and be taught and just like a sponge he is going to absorb everything.
Tim Hardaway sits with Tim JR and discusses his strengths and weaknesses (other than being a Knick…lol)

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